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Table 1 Overview of the activities during the different antenatal consults

From: Prenatal diagnosis and prevention of toxoplasmosis in pregnant women in Northern Vietnam: study protocol

(3–4 weeks after C1)
(6–8 weeks after C1)
C Mid gestation N1
Eligibility screen X     
Informed consent X     
Questionnaire X     
Information folder about toxoplasmosis and its prevention X    Xc  
Patient anamnesis X     
Clinical examination X X X X X
Blood sample for serology X Xa Xb   
Blood sample from new-born for serology      Xd
  1. aIf IgM positive; bIf IgG negative and IgM positive at C1 and C2; cIf seronegative; dIf suspicious for congenital toxoplasmosis. C prenatal consult, N neonatal consult