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Table 6 Risk factors for mortality of renal transplant recipients with mucormycosis

From: Mucormycosis in renal transplant recipients: review of 174 reported cases

Variable OR (95% CI) P
Extent of infection
 Localized Reference  
 Disseminated 5.41(2.04–14.37) 0.001
Rhizopus spp. Reference  
 Other organisms   >0.1
 No Reference  
 Diabetes 0.43(0.20–0.89) 0.02
Antifungal therapy
 None Reference  
 Amphotericin B deoxycholate 0.30 (0.09–0.97) 0.04
 Lipid amphotericin B 0.10(0.03–0.33) <0.001
 Posaconazole alone and combined with other antifungals 0.02(0.00–0.22) <0.01
 Surgery as primary therapy Reference  
 Without surgery therapy 5.83(2.68–12.70) <0.001