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Table 9 DENV and CHIKV reference sequences

From: Imported arboviral infections in Italy, July 2014-October 2015: a National Reference Laboratory report

Virus strain Location Genotype Year isolated GenBank accession no.
 NC14-17042014-4554 New Caledonia I-Asian 2014 KM212960
 China/GD-D13001 Thailand I-Asian 2013 KJ545455
 DENV-1/8/Thailand/01/2013 Thailand I-Asian 2013 KF887994
 Khabar 2759 Khabarovsk, Far East, Russia I-Asian 2012 KJ417841
 SL_2012_GS0319 Sri-Lanka I-Asian 2012 KJ26662
 MKS-WS81 Indonesia I-Asian 2010 KC762639
 D1/Vietnam/1012aTw Viet Nam I-Asian 2010 JF967953
 Thailand 2010 Thailand I-Asian 2010 JN415528
 D1/IDN/Bali_033/2010 Indonesia I-Asian 2010 KM216676
 - Cambodia I-Asian 1998 AF309641
 GZ/80 China I-Asian 1980 AF350498
 PUO 359 Thailand I-Asian 1980 AF425630
 16007 Thailand II-Thailand 1964 AF180817
 TH-SMAN Thailand II-Thailand 1954 D10513
 P72-1244 Malaysia III-sylvatic 1972 EF457905
 D1/Hu/Philippines/NIID13/2016 Philippines IV-South Pacific 2016 LC128301
 FI/DB170/2014 Fiji IV-South Pacific 2014 KM279390
 Phil2012 Philippines IV-South Pacific 2012 KR919819
 Philippines 2010 Philippines IV-South Pacific 2010 JN415517
 WS01/190801-769 Samoa IV-South Pacific 2001 JQ655095
 A88 Indonesia IV-South Pacific 1988 AB074761
 AUS HCS1 Australia IV-South Pacific 1983 AF425611
PRS 228682 Philippines IV-South Pacific 1974 AF425627
 Guangzhou/2014/4 China V-African/American 2015 KT751343
 Wenzhou-Human-1 China V-African/American 2014 KR024708
 9/D1/Del/2013 India V-African/American 2013 KU166895
 AO/DB132/2013 Angola V-African/American 2013 KM277610
 DENV-1/NI/BID-V7696/2012 Nicaragua V-African/American 2012 KF973475
 ARC-73-12 Puerto Rico V-African/American 2012 KF444913
 D1/Mexico/Ixtaczoquitlan/17/2007 Mexico V-African/American 2007 HM171564
 ThD1_0673_80 Thailand V-African/American 1980 AY732474
 715393 India V-African/American 1971 JF297579
 IBH 28328 Nigeria V-African/American 1968 AF425625
 SG(EHI)D2/18944Y13 Singapore Cosmopolitan 2013 KR779784
 D2/IDN/Lombok_087/2012 Bali, Indonesia Cosmopolitan 2012 KM216718
 D2/IDN/Bali_103/2012 Bali, Indonesia Cosmopolitan 2012 KM216731
 D2/THA/086/2012 Thailand Cosmopolitan 2012 KM216717
 D2/TLS/Timor_078/2012 East Timor Cosmopolitan 2012 KM216712
 D2/IDN/Bali_108/2012 Indonesia Cosmopolitan 2012 KM216736
 12/GZ/12851 China Cosmopolitan 2012 KF060919
 D2/IDN/Bali_075/2011 Bali, Indonesia Cosmopolitan 2011 KM216709
 D2/IN/RGCB921/2011 India Cosmopolitan 2011 KF364514
 10/GZ/11864 China Cosmopolitan 2010 JN009092
 Philippines 2010b Philippines Cosmopolitan 2010 JN568265
 D2/IDN/Jakarta_060/2010 Indonesia Cosmopolitan 2010 KM216708
 SG(EHI)D2/63481Y10 Singapore Cosmopolitan 2010 JN030340
 DENV-2/VN/BID-V735/2006 Viet Nam Cosmopolitan 2006 EU482672
 D2/SG/05K3330DK1/2005 Singapore Cosmopolitan 2005 EU081178
 GWL177 INDI-01 India Cosmopolitan 2001 DQ448236
 2784-DF-11/18/2002 Taiwan Cosmopolitan 2002 DQ645556
 MD922 Viet Nam Asian II 2003 GU434156
 40247 Brazil Asian II 1990 L10041
 ThD2_0284_90 Thailand Asian II 1990 DQ181801
 PR/DB189/2013 Puerto Rico American/Asian 2013 KM279409
 DR59/01 Dominican Republic American/Asian 2001 AB122022
 Cuba115/97 Cuba American/Asian 1997 AY702050
 IQT-1950 Perù American 1995 DQ917242
 D2/TO/UH04/1974 Tonga American 1974 HM582117
 Laos 2010 Laos Asian I 2010 JN568244
 D2/Myanmar/1007aTw Myanmar Asian I 2010 JF968026
 D2/LAO/043/2010 Laos Asian I 2010 KM216697
 D2/Laos/1007aTw Laos Asian I 2010 JF968021
 DENV-2/KH/BID-V2062/2007 Cambodia Asian I 2007 GQ868624
 Myan0207a/Tw Myanmar Asian I 2002 DQ518651
 DENV-2/TH/BID-V2311/2001 Thailand Asian I 2001 FJ744725
 GD08/98 China Asian I 1998 FJ196851
 ThD2_0168_79 Bangkok, Thailand Asian I 1979 DQ181805
 DAK Ar 2022 Burkina Faso sylvatic 1980 DQ917247
 DAK Ar 2039 Burkina Faso sylvatic 1980 DQ917246
 D3/IDN/Bali_007/2010 Indonesia I 2010 KM216737
 D3/Malaysia/1012bTw Malaysia I 2010 JF968112
 H87 Philippines I 1987 M93130
 80-2 China I 1980 AF317645
 D3-73NIID Japan I 1973 AB111085
 LN2632 Malaysia II 1999 AF147459
 D89-273 Thailand II 1989 AY145715
 PaH881/88 Thailand II 1988 AF349753
 ThD3_0046_83 Thailand II 1983 AY676358
 ThD3_0040_80 Thailand II 1980 AY676359
 ThD3_0033_74 Thailand II 1974 AY676360
 D3BR/ST14/04 Brazil III 2004 DQ118882
 - Singapore III 2004 AY662691
 D3PY/AS12/02 Paraguay III 2002 DQ118884
 BR74886/02 Brazil III 2002 AY679147
 Cuba_167_2001 Cuba III 2001 KT726341
 Cuba580/01 Cuba III 2001 AY702030
 D3/H/IMTSSA-SRI/2000/1266 Sri Lanka III 2000 AY099336
 00-28-1HuNIID Cambodia III 2000 AB111081
 6883/YUCATAN-MX/97 Yucatan III 1997 DQ341204
 1339 Puerto Rico IV 1997 AY146761
 Human, Tahiti 1965 Tahiti IV 1965 L11439
 D4/RL196/Myanmar/2013 Myanmar I 2013 KJ470765
 D4/Thailand/0702aTw Thailand I 2007 EU448454
 D4/Cambodia/0509aTw Cambodia I 2005 EU448455
 ThD4_0485_01 Thailand I 2001 AY618992
 ThD4_1142_98 Thailand I 1998 AY618980
 ThD4_0348_91 Bangkok, Thailand I 1991 AY618990
 SPH317947 Brazil II 2011 JN092553
 DENV-4/VE/BID-V1156/2007 Venezuela II 2007 GQ868645
 DENV-4/CO/BID-V3412/2005 Colombia II 2005 CQ868585
 D4MY02-26658 Malaysia II 2002 FN429922
 8976/95 Singapore II 1995 AY762085
 D4/PR/M35/1985 Puerto Rico II 1985 GU318316
 ThD4_0476_97 Bangkok, Thailand III 1997 AY618988
 ThD4_0017_97 Bangkok, Thailand III 1997 AY618989
 P75-514 Malaysia IV 1975 AF231723
 P73-1120 Malaysia IV 1973 AF231724
 10Mdy105 Myanmar East Central South African 2010 KF590567
 GD139 China East Central South African 2010 HQ846358
 TN06310 India East Central South African 2010 HM159388
 CU-Chik_OBF Thailand East Central South African 2009 GU908223
 0901aTw Malaysia East Central South African 2009 FJ807895
 0812bTw Malaysia East Central South African 2008 FJ807893
 CU-Chik10 Thailand East Central South African 2008 GU301780
 FD080178 China East Central South African 2008 GU199352
 0810aTw Bangladesh East Central South African 2008 FJ807898
 SGEHICHT077808 Singapore East Central South African 2008 FJ445484
 ITA07-RA1 Italy East Central South African 2007 EU244823
 DRDE-07 India East Central South African 2007 EU372006
 LR2006_OPY1 Reunion East Central South African 2006 DQ443544
 0611aTw Singapore East Central South African 2006 FJ807896
 SL11131 Sri Lanka East Central South African 2006 AB455493
 06-027 Reunion East Central South African 2005 AM258993
 UgAg4155 Uganda East Central South African 1982 HM045812
 Vereeniging South Africa East Central South African 1956 HM045792
 S27-African prototype Tanzania East Central South African 1953 AF369024
 Ross low-psg Tanzania East Central South African 1953 HM045811
 TR206/H804187 Brazil Asian 2014 KP164572
 0811aTw Indonesia Asian 2008 FJ807891
 2008900245-BDG E1 Indonesia Asian 2008 KC879577
 MY021IMR/06/BP Malaysia Asian 2006 EU703762
 PhH15483 Philippines Asian 1985 HM045790
 Gibbs 63-263 India Asian 1963 HM045813
 TH35 Thailand Asian 1958 HM045810
 HD 180760 Senegal West African 2005 HM045817
 37997 Senegal West African 1983 AY726732