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Table 8 DENV and CHIKV sequences characterized in this study

From: Imported arboviral infections in Italy, July 2014-October 2015: a National Reference Laboratory report

Isolate ID Travel location Genotype Year isolated GenBank accession no.
 S2014-358 Thailand I-Asian 2014 LN870423
 S2014-376 Bali, Indonesia I-Asian 2014 LN870425
 S2015-510 ? I-Asian 2015 LN999960
 S2015-460 French_Polynesia I-Asian 2015 LN999954
 S2015-475 Philippines IV-South Pacific 2015 LN999955
 S2015-423 Oceania IV-South Pacific 2015 LN879497
 S2014-383 Manila, Philippines IV-South Pacific 2014 LN870426
 S2015-431 Maldives V-African/American 2015 LN879498
 S2015-458 Maldives V-African/American 2015 LN999951
 S2015-481 Mexico V-African/American 2015 LN999958
 S2015-425 Haiti V-African/American 2015 LN879499
 S2014-368 ? Cosmopolitan 2014 LN870428
 S2015-477 Maldives Cosmopolitan 2015 LN999956
 S2015-512 ? Cosmopolitan 2015 LN999961
 S2015-409 Thailand Cosmopolitan 2015 LN999950
 S2015-465 Thailand Cosmopolitan 2015 LN999952
 S2015-482 India Cosmopolitan 2015 LN999959
 S2015-478 Thailand and Cambodia Cosmopolitan 2015 LN999957
 S2014-382 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic America/Asian 2014 LN870427
 S2015-517 ? III 2015 LN999962
 S2014-339 Cuba III 2014 LN870424
 S2015-466 Thailand I 2015 LN99995
 S2015-416 ? Asian 2015 LN879501
 S2015-422 Colombia Asian 2015 LN879500