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Table 2 Alerts during the first 2 years of ICARES

From: ICARES: a real-time automated detection tool for clusters of infectious diseases in the Netherlands

Alert Syndrome (Health care institution) Additional public health diagnostics True cluster Comment
1 Respiratory tract infection (GP) No No Different causative agents and coding imperfections
2 Infectious hepatitis (GP) Yes No Non-infectious hepatitis
3 Meningoencephalitis (Hospital) No Yes Enterovirus encephalitis
4 Meningoencephalitis (Hospital) No No Two unrelated cases of Listeria in Katwijk
5 Infectious hepatitis (GP) No No Coding imperfections
6 Respiratory tract infection (Hospital and GP) No Yes Long lasting influenza season with high peak incidence
7 Meningoencephalitis (Hospital) No No Coding imperfections/double coding
8 Meningoencephalitis (GP) No No Non-acute illness