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Table 2 Network study countries, sponsors, and enrollment sites

From: Influenza and respiratory syncytial virus in infants study (IRIS) of hospitalized and non-ill infants aged <1 year in four countries: study design and methods

City, Country (Local Population Served by Hospitals) Sponsoring Institution Hospitalized Infant Study Non-Ill Infant Study
Study Hospitals Number of Pediatric General Ward Beds Number of Pediatric Intensive Care Beds Non-Ill Enrollment Sites
Tirana, Albania (~610,000) South East European Center for Surveillance & Control of Infectious Diseases Pediatric Department University Hospital “Mother Theresa” 88 25 Enrolled during well-baby immunization visits to (a) Mother and Child Consultancy Room, Health Center No. 4 Tirana, Tirana Regional Health Authority, and (b) the Pediatric Surgical Ward, University Hospital “Mother Theresa,” Tirana, Albania
Maternity Hospital “Queen Geraldine” Neonatology Unit 19 5
Amman, Jordan (~4 Million) The Eastern Mediterranean Public Health Network Al-Basheer Hospital, Maternal and Pediatric Building 120 70 Enrolled from Al-Owdah Primary Healthcare Center, which provides maternal and child health services; infants are recruited during routine visits for immunization, growth monitoring, or other well-baby check-ups
Managua, Nicaragua
(~1 Million)
Sustainable Sciences Institute Hospital Infantil Manual De Jesus Rivera “La Mascota” 270 31 Enrolled from Health Center Socrates Flores Vivas during immunization visits, well-baby check-ups, and from a local pediatric cohort study, previously described [34, 35]
Bohol Island, The Philippines
(~1.4 Million)
Research Institute for Tropical Medicine Governor Celestino Gallares Memorial Regional Hospital 42 8 Enrolled during immunization visits at (a) Cogon Lower Barangay Health Station, (b) Cogon Upper Barangay Health Station, and (c) Taloto Health Center