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Table 3 Characteristics and treatment outcomes of children diagnosed with TB (N = 157)

From: Why being an expert – despite xpert –remains crucial for children in high TB burden settings

Characteristic Number %
Treatment Initiation
 ATT initiated 155 998.7%
 Median time from referral to initiation of ATT (days, IQR) 3 days 1.00–6.25 days
Diagnostic Certainty
 Confirmed TB 21 13.4%
Confirmed pulmonary TB 20 95.2%
Confirmed EPTB 1 4.8%
Confirmed LNTB 0 0.0%
 Probable TB 99 63.1%
 Possible TB 37 23.6%
Type of TB
 Pulmonary TB 126 80.3%
 EPTB (excluding lymph node TB) 19 12.1%
 Lymph node TB 12 7.6%
Treatment Outcomes
 Cureda 19 12.1%
 Treatment Completedb 90 57.3%
 Transferred Out/Not Evaluated 11 7.0%
 Died 12 7.6%
 Lost-to-follow up 25 15.9%
  1. Abbreviations: ATT, anti-tuberculosis therapy; EPTB, extrapulmonary TB; LNTB, lymph node TB
  2. aCured = bacteriologically confirmed TB at the beginning of treatment who was smear- or culture-negative in the last month of treatment and on at least one previous occasion. bTreatment Completed = clinically diagnosed or bacteriologically confirmed TB patient who completed treatment without evidence of failure, but with no record of sputum smear or culture results in the last month of treatment were negative, either because tests were not done or because no results available [18]