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Table 1 Comorbidities, clinical characteristics, and outcomes of 11 cases of CMV proctitis in immunocompetent patients

From: Reactivated cytomegalovirus proctitis in an immunocompetent patient presenting as nosocomial diarrhea: a case report and literature review

Case, Reference, Publication year Sex/Age (yr) Comorbidities Presenting Symptoms Preceding condition Endoscopic finding Pathological findinga Treatment Outcome
1 [21], 2007 M/71 DM, arrhythmia Hematochezia Esophageal adenocarcinoma with esophagectomy complicated with multiple organ failure Multiple ulcers Yes Proctectomy and colostomy Died (due to massive rectal bleeding)
2 [22], 2006 F/86 N/A Anorexia, diarrhea N/A Two fistulas (into the vagina and urinary bladder) Yes Ganciclovir Improved
3 [23], 1999 F/57 DM Diarrhea, tenesmus, and difficulty in defecating Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteremia complicated with disseminated hepatic microabscesses and septic pneumonia Large ulceration with multiple fistulas and sinus tracts Yes Ganciclovir Improved
4 [12], 1999 F/83 DM, stroke Bloody diarrhea Pseudomonas pyelonephritis Rectal ulcer Yes Supportive Improved
5 [12], 1999 F/59 Hypertension, CKD Bloody diarrhea (5 days after MI) Acute MI with cardiogenic shock Rectal erosions Yes Supportive Died (due to heart and renal failure)
6 [12], 1999 M/63 IHD, CKD Diarrhea, fever (12 days after MI) Acute MI, stroke Rectal erythema Yes Supportive Died (due to pneumonia)
7 [12], 1999 F/69 DM Hematochezia, fever Hyperosmolar diabetic coma, pneumonia, and cystitis Circumferential ulcer at the rectum Yes Supportive Died (due to pyelonephritis)
8 [12], 1999 F/92 Meningioma; chairbound Bloody diarrhea, fever Cholangitis Rectal ulcer Yes Ganciclovir Rectal stricture, improved
9 [12], 1999 F/74 Osteoporosis, DM, parkinsonism Bloody diarrhea N/A Sessile growth at rectum Yes Ganciclovir Died, (due to septic shock; had a rectovaginal fistula)
10 [24], 1988 M/65 N/A Hematochezia Motorcycle accident Rectal erythema with a polypoid mass and punch-out ulcers Yes Sulfasalazine Improved
11, current case F/79 DM. IHD, major depression disorder Abdominal pain, diarrhea, tenesmus Metabolic encephalopathy, delirium Rectal ulcer Yes Valganciclovir Improved
  1. Abbreviations: CKD chronic kidney disease, DM diabetes mellitus, F female, IHD ischemic heart disease, M male, MI myocardial infarction, N/A not available
  2. aIncludes compatible CMV inclusion bodies on pathology