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Table 5 Multivariable analysis of baseline predictors of CD4+ T-cell increase (cells/ul)

From: Monophylogenetic HIV-1C epidemic in Ethiopia is dominated by CCR5-tropic viruses–an analysis of a prospective country-wide cohort

Follow-up Predictor β coefficient (95% CI)a p-value
Month 6 Viral tropism 5.8 (−42.1–53.6) 0.779
VL log 16.6 (−1.1–34.2) 0.066
Month 12 Viral tropism 7.9 (−33.7–49.7) 0.657
VL log 11.8 (−6.9–39.5) 0.168
  1. aCD4 cell recovery difference between groups (General Linear Model, GLM). Only variables that appeared in the final model are shown except viral tropism. VL: viral load (copies/ml)