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Table 1 PFGE profiles, Spa types, mecA, and SCCmec types of PVL positive isolates

From: Molecular epidemiology of Panton-Valentine Leukocidin-positive community-acquired methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus isolates in pastoral communities of rural south western Uganda

Isolate ID Pulsotype Spa type mecA SCCmec
T095Na A1 NT + V
T101Na A1 NT + IVc
T047Na A1 t127 + IVc
T070Na A1 t127 + IVc
T056N A2 t318 - -
T099Nd A3 t2393 + IVc
T149Na A4 t645 + IVc
T101Ng A5 t318 + V
T005Na B1 t318 + V
T021Nb B1 t318 + V
T021Nc B1 t318 + V
T097Na B1 t318 + V
T125Na B1 t318 + V
T141Nc B1 t318 + V
T047Nd B1 t186 + V
T156N B1 t186 + V
T019N B2 t186 + V
T119Nb C1 t355 + V
T135Na C2 t729 - -
T132Nb C2 t11656 - -
T139N C2 t11656 + V
T145N C2 t11656 + V
T022N C2 t645 - -
T041Na C2 t645 - -
T099Nb C2 t645 + V
T063N C3 t355 + V
T053N D1 t1376 + IVc
T055N D1 t1376 + V
T039Na E1 t318 + IVc
T041Nb E2 t645 + V
T025N E3 t2393 + IVc
T030Nb F1 t064 + V
T158Nb G1 t127 - -
T087 H1 t064 + V
T155Nd H2 t509 - -
T097Nb I1 t002 - -
  1. ID identification number of the isolate, + positive on PCR amplification, - negative on PCR amplification, NT not typable