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Table 7 Statistical analysis of clinical data among patients who took HAART with IPT in public health facilities of Addis Ababa, during 2007-June 2012

From: Effectiveness of isoniazid preventative therapy in reducing incidence of active tuberculosis among people living with HIV/AIDS in public health facilities of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: a historical cohort study

Variables N Mean Rank P- value
Weight after completing IPT – weight at enrollment Negative Ranks 160a 410.64  
Positive Ranks 701b 435.65 0.000
Ties 114c   
Total 975   
CD4 after completing IPT - CD4 at enrollment Negative Ranks 253d 546.73  
Positive Ranks 702e 453.23 0.000
Ties 21f   
Total 976   
  1. aWeight when completing IPT < weight when starting IPT
  2. bWeight when completing IPT > weight when starting IPT
  3. cWeight when completing IPT = weight when starting IPT
  4. dCD4 when completing IPT < CD4 when starting IPT
  5. eCD4 when completing IPT > CD4 when starting IPT
  6. fCD4 when completing IPT = CD4 when starting IPT