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Table 3 Factors associated with inconsistent condom use with sweethearts among FEWs in multiple logistic regression model

From: Sex with sweethearts: Exploring factors associated with inconsistent condom use among unmarried female entertainment workers in Cambodia

Variables in the final model* Inconsistent condom use in the past 3 months
AOR (95% CI) p-value
Received sexual and reproductive health education in the past 6 months 0.04
 No Reference  
 Yes 0.49 (0.22–0.99)  
Tested for HIV in the past 6 months 0.03
 No Reference  
 Yes 2.19 (1.03–4.65)  
Higher amount of alcohol use per day (past 3 months) 1.29 (1.01–1.99) 0.04
Contraceptive method being currently used
 Condom Reference  
 Pills 4.46 (1.34–10.52) 0.001
 Other 9.75 (2.07–9.86) <0.001
  1. Abbreviations: AOR adjusted odds ratio, CI confidence interval, FEW female entertainment worker
  2. *Other variables in the model included education, working duration in the entertainment career and establishment, currently using a contraceptive method, condom use with clients and history of abortion
  3. Other included injection, intrauterine devices, implant, calendar and natural methods