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Table 1 Summary of treatments assessed in each trial and the networks possible with the available data

From: Systematic review and network meta-analysis of tedizolid for the treatment of acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections caused by MRSA

Study Treatments Outcomes Assessed
Tedizolid Tigecycline Ceftaroline Teicoplanin Linezolid Vancomycin Daptomycin Telavancin EOT – all EOT – ITT/mITT only PTE/TOC – all PTE/TOC – ITT/mITT only EOT/PTE/TOC – MRSA only Discontinuation due to AE – all PTE/TOC – MRSA only (post hoc)
Aikawa et al., 2013 [22]       x x     x x x x x
Corey et al., 2010 [35]    x    xa          x
Evers et al., 2013 [29]        x x    x x    
Florescu et al., 2008 [32]   x     x      x x x   x
Itani et al., 2010 [23]      x x    x x x x x   x
Kohno et al., 2007 [24]      x x    x   x   x   x
Lin et al., 2008 [34]      x x    x   x     
Moran et al., 2014 [9] x     x     x x x x   x  
Pertel et al., 2009 [30]       x x     x x   x  
Prokocimer et al., 2013 [10] x     x     x x x x x x x
Sharpe et al., 2005 [25]      x x      x x x   x
Stevens et al., 2002 [26]      x x      x x x   x
Stryjewski et al., 2008 [33]       x   x    x x x x x
Talbot et al., 2007 [31]    x    x    x   x x b x x
Weigelt et al., 2005 [27]      x x      x x   x  
Wilcox et al., 2004 [28]     x x     x x      
  1. AE adverse event, EOT clinical response at the end of treatment, ITT intention to treat, mITT modified intention to treat, MRSA methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, PTE clinical response at the post-treatment evaluation, TOC clinical response at the test of cure
  2. aIn the Corey 2010 study, vancomycin was given with or without aztreonam
  3. b For clinical response at EOT/PTE/TOC, Talbot 2007 was the only study of ceftaroline. Only five patients on each arm had confirmed MRSA. Hence, for this network, data were insufficient to estimate comparisons with ceftaroline (the model did not converge), and Talbot 2007 was excluded. It was included, however, in the post hoc analysis because for this network there were other studies with ceftaroline