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Table 3 Distribution of MRSE ST types according to source of culture

From: Colonization of patients, healthcare workers, and the environment with healthcare-associated Staphylococcus epidermidis genotypes in an intensive care unit: a prospective observational cohort study

MRSE ICU Cases ICU environment
Community Referral
ST type Day 1 Day 3 Day 5 Day 8 Day 11 Day 14 Day 1  
5 C11:H C5: N, PVC C5: N, H, PVC, AC, C5: A, P, PVC, C5: CVC, T,    Respiratory panel,
P, A,W W, T H, N    C-unit (empty)
C6: A      
C9: N, H C9: H, W C9: T, W C9: T   
2   C3: W, T, C3: W, U     C4: H, A Infusor panel,
1CVC       B-unit
C6: N C6: N, P      Respiratory panel,
       Telephone, A-unit
215    C5: P, CVC C5: CVC   C5: P, C4: A, P, Keyboard, A-unit
     PVC CVC  
      C1: CVC, W  
17   C2: CVC C5: A, AC, H, W C5: N, W C5: N C5: N, H   
C9: H C9: AC, H, W C9: W   C9: N   
C13: N, P C13: H      
22    C3: N      
  C5: N      
81   C13: H, N, T C13: N      
  1. MRSE Methicillin resistant S. epidermidis, ST Sequence type, A Axilla; AC, arterial catheter, CVC Central venous catheter, H Hand, PVC Peripheral venous catheter, N Nose, P Perineum, T Trachea, U Urine, W Wound