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Table 2 Comparison of emm typing/HaeIII vir typing/ HinfI vir typing of GAS isolates

From: Molecular characterization and evaluation of the emerging antibiotic-resistant Streptococcus pyogenes from eastern India

emm type Corresponding HaeIII vir types Corresponding HinfI vir types
emm1 VT6 VT1
emm1.1 VT10 VT14
emm9 VT12 VT4
emm11 VT8 VT8
emm12 VT4 VT2, VT6,VT7, VT18
emm25 VT3 VT5
emm25.1 VT3 VT11
emm41 VT6 VT17
emm43.3 VT7 VT18
emm49 VT8 VT3,VT4
emm55 VT2 VT9,VT20
emm65 VT8 VT16
emm77 VT8 VT3,VT12
emm80 VT1 VT15, VT19
emm80.1 VT5 VT10
emm81 VT11 VT21
emm81.1 VT9 VT13
emm92 VT12 VT4
emm106 VT8 VT4
emm112.2 VT13 VT4