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Table 2 Sub-categorization for DHS variables

From: Geographical distribution of typhoid risk factors in low and middle income countries

Category HV201: source of drinking water HV205: toilet facility types
1 Tubewell or borehole Ventilated improved pit latrine
2 Protected well/spring, public covered well Piped/septic sewer system, modern flush toilet
3 Unprotected well/spring, (public) open well Pit latrine (covered: washable slab), composting
4 Well, spring, public well, hand pump Pit latrine with non-washable slab/uncovered
5 Well in residence/yard/plot Hanging latrine, drop/overhang
6 Piped water sources Flush to others
7 Public/private tap water Public/shared toilet, outside dwelling
8 Cart, buy from a car/vendor, tanker truck Bucket, without cement sink, traditional toilet
9 Rain water No facility, borehole, nature
10 Surface water Others
11 Bottled (sachet) water  
12 Dam/river/lake/pond  
13 Others