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Table 1 Health service and pathology laboratory types and criteria for the TAIPAN project (n = 73)

From: A longitudinal cohort study of HIV ‘treatment as prevention’ in gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men: the Treatment with Antiretrovirals and their Impact on Positive And Negative men (TAIPAN) study protocol


Health services

Pathology laboratories

Service types

Sexual health clinics (n = 39)

General practice clinics (n = 10)

Hospitals (n = 6)

Community-led health services (n = 4)

Publicly-funded (n = 6)

Private (n = 8)

Criteria (any)

≥50 HIV gay/bisexual men annually

≥20 HIV positive male patients annually

≥5 HIV diagnoses annually

Any confirmatory HIV testing

Any HIV viral load testing