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Table 3 Malaysian immunization program by birth cohort

From: Serological assessment of the establishment of herd immunity against measles in a health district in Malaysia

Age group (years) Birth cohort Immunization program in Malaysia
45–54 Born in 1960–1969 • No measles vaccination program in Malaysia
15–24 Born in 1990–1999 • Single dose measles vaccination was given to children at 9 months old
• Malaysia mass immunization campaign or catch-up campaign in 2004 in which another booster dose of single measles vaccine was given to all school children aged 7–15 years old (Birth cohort 1990–1997 in this study were involved)
• Children who were born in 1998–1999 received second dose of MMR vaccine when they were in standard one
6–9 Born in 2006–2009 • Received two doses MMR vaccine; once at 12 months and the second at 7 years of age