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Table 4 Combined adjusted odds ratios of prevalent tuberculosis for Zambia and Western Cape and associated population attributable fractions of prevalent tuberculosis to hyperglycaemia for sequential random blood glucose concentration cut-offs

From: The association of hyperglycaemia with prevalent tuberculosis: a population-based cross-sectional study

Random blood glucose concentration cut-off (mmol/L) Combined adjusted OR* P-value# I2p-value PAF (95% CI) of prevalent TB to hyperglycaemia (%)
7.0 1.40 (1.07–1.84) 0.013 0.112 4.57 (1.27–7.77)
7.8 1.48 (1.06–2.07) 0.020 0.176 2.82 (0.64–4.95)
9.0 1.87 (1.21–2.90) 0.005 0.104 1.84 (0.56–3.11)
11.1 2.15 (1.17–3.94) 0.013 0.306 0.99 (0.12–1.85)
  1. OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, PAF population attributable fraction; ORs combined through fixed-effects meta-analysis; #Likelihood ratio tests; All analyses accounted for the two-stage clustered sampling design through the use of a logistic regression model with random effects for enumeration area and inclusion of region or community as a fixed effect; Negative PAFs were given a value of zero; *Adjusted for age, sex, HIV status, body mass index, household socioeconomic position and education