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Table 3 Impact of microbiological outcome at TOC on clinical outcome at LFU (ME population)

From: Outcomes of high-dose levofloxacin therapy remain bound to the levofloxacin minimum inhibitory concentration in complicated urinary tract infections

Microbiological outcome at TOC visit Clinical outcome at LFU visit % Difference in relapse between persisted and eradicated (95% CI)
Sustained Indeterminate Relapse
Eradicated, n/N (%) 225/229 (98.3) 1/229 (0.4) 3/229 (1.3) 17.2 (8.7–29.6)
Persisted, n/N (%) 42/54 (77.8) 2/54 (3.7) 10/54 (18.5)
  1. CI confidence interval, LFU late follow-up, ME microbiologically evaluable, TOC test-of-cure
  2. Four patients had 2 Enterobacteriaceae isolates identified at baseline and a clinical response of cure at the TOC visit. These patients were counted once for this analysis by assignment to the “persisted at TOC group” if 1 isolate persisted (1 patient) and to the “eradicated at TOC group” if both isolates were eradicated (3 patients). All 4 experienced sustained response at the LFU visit