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Table 2 Characteristics of EVD High-level panels and commissions

From: The Ebola Outbreak: Catalyzing a “Shift” in Global Health Governance?

Panel/commission name Entity Number of members/recommendations
WHO Interim Assessment Panel Established by WHO Executive Board comprised of mix of independent experts -Date issued: May 2015
−5 members
−21 recommendations
Harvard-LSHTM Panel Establishment by Harvard Global Health Institute and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine primarily from academia, foundations, think tanks, and NGOs -Date issued: November 2015
−22 members
−10 recommendations
CGHR Established as an independent commission with National Academy of Medicine as secretariat funded by foundations and agencies. Commission comprised of members from different countries, foundations, and entities. -Date issued: January 2016
−17 members
−26 recommendations
Kikwete Panel Established by UN Secretary General comprised of political representatives of member states -Date issued: January 2016
−6 members
−27 recommendations
WHO Advisory Group on Reform of WHO’s Work in Outbreaks and Emergencies Established by the WHO Director General to offer guidance on the organization’s emergency reform process. Group chaired by UN SG Special Envoy on Ebola and various members from UN agencies, NGOs, representatives of government health agencies, and others. -Date issued: January 2016
−19 members
−9 core recommendations in its second report
  1. Note: Julio Frenk served on both the WHO Interim Panel and the CGHR. Lawrence Gostin and Gabriel Leung served on both the Harvard-LSHTM panel and CGHR