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Table 5 Odds ratio with 95 % confidence intervals for risk factors associated with P. falciparum infection in febrile children

From: Prevalence of malaria, typhoid, toxoplasmosis and rubella among febrile children in Cameroon

Variable Group Crude Odds Ratio (95 % CI) P-value
Type of housing Completed modern house Referent  
Uncompleted modern house 0.615 (0.347–1.078) 0.072
Poorly constructed house with blocks 0.636 (0.147–1.624) 0.239
Poorly constructed house with local materials like planks 0.261 (0.028–1.205) 0.064
Slept under an ITN the previous night? Yes referent  
No 0.770 (0.460–1.290) 0.029
  1. Data from 221 febrile children that were positive for malaria by PCR was used. Other Plasmodium species (P.ovale and P.malariae) mostly occurred as co-infections with P. falciparum. ITN = Insecticide treated bednet, CI = Confidence interval