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Table 4 TB infection control measures observed at facilities

From: Factors associated with good TB infection control practices among primary healthcare workers in the Free State Province, South Africa

Observed n (%)
Personal protective equipment
 N95 respirators available 32 (78.0)
 TB nurses wearing N95 respirators 5 (12.2)
Environmental controls
 Open window stickers 35 (85.4)
 Open window register 12 (30.0)
 Open windows in all consulting rooms 12 (29.3)
 Open windows in all waiting areas 9 (22.5)
Administrative controls
 Tissues available for coughing patients 7 (17.1)
 Face masks available for coughing patients 3 (7.3)
 Coughing patients wearing masks 2 (4.9)
 Appropriate colour –coded waste bins available in waiting area for tissues/masks 3 (7.3)
 Appropriate colour –coded waste bins available in consulting rooms for tissues/masks 37 (92.5)
 Separate waiting area for (presumptive) TB patients 11 (26.8)