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Table 1 Summary of the questionnaire including the possible multiple-choice answers

From: What people know about congenital CMV: an analysis of a large heterogeneous population through a web-based survey

#1) Have you ever heard about the following conditions?
#2) Among them, which can be acquired from the mother during pregnancy?
Fetal alcohol syndrome Toxoplasmosis Down Syndrome
Cytomegalovirus Rubella Syndrome HIV/AIDS
Parvovirus Spina Bifida Sudden Infant Death
#3) According to your knowledge how can CMV infection be acquired?
Direct skin contact Urine contact Blood contact
Breastfeeding Sexual intercourse Transfusion/Transplant
Saliva contact Air conduction Do not know
#4) Which are the symptoms at birth in newborns with cCMV infection?
No symptoms Heart defect Prematurity/Dismaturity
Harelip Hearing loss Microcephaly
Death Convulsion Spina bifida
Petechiae Phocomelia Club-foot
#5) Which is/are the long-term effects in children with cCMV infection?
None of them Blindness Psycho-motor retardation
Do not know
Hearing loss Obesity Death
#6) Which behaviors pregnant woman should assume to prevent cCMV infection?
Avoid saliva-sharing Taking a vitamin supplement
Not share toothbrush or other bath tools Vaccine/medicine
Not share cutlery with children Not have animal contact
Hand-wash after diaper change Not eat rare cooked meat
If already immunised against CMV is useless to observe women’s behaviour Not eat dairy products
Change the cats’ litter box with gloves