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Table 2 Multivariate analysis for predictors of death in patients with confirmed pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia in non-HIV patients

From: Prognostic factors for severe Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia of non-HIV patients in intensive care unit: a bicentric retrospective study

  Multivariate analysis Wald stat. P value
Odds Ratio (95 % CI)
Age 1.051(1.007-1.097) 5.238 0.022
White blood cell counts 0.802 (0.670-0.960) 5.787 0.016
Pneumomediastinum 16.514(1.330-205.027) 4.761 0.029
  1. The risk factors removed from the logistic regression model including: APACHE II; Fever; PaO2/FiO2 on ICU admission; IPPV on ICU admission; Hypotension