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Table 6 Parameters related to the genetic diversity of the sequences in the specie Entamoeba dispar using the molecular marker NKD3-D5 (603pb)

From: Entamoeba histolytica and Entamoeba dispar infection in Mexican school children: genotyping and phylogenetic relationship

Groupsa No. of sequences No. of haplotypes Ssb π θ
School and Fam. E. dispar 19 6 8 0.00337 0.00622
E. dispar total 22 8 9 0.00114 0.00185
  1. aSchool and Fam E. dispar: Number of samples of school children and their relatives obtained in this study; total E. dispar total: number of analyzed sequences available in the GenBank data
  2. bNumber of segregated sites