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Table 1 Single nucleotide substitutions in K13 gene among the P. falciparum samples

From: Prevalence of K13-propeller gene polymorphisms among Plasmodium falciparum parasites isolated from adult symptomatic patients in northern Uganda

Mutant nucleotide position Mutant codon position Reference codon Mutant codon Transition Reference amino acid Mutant amino acid Type of mutation Prevalence of the mutation % (n)
1527 509 GAG GAA G→A Glutamine Glutamine S 3.3 % (n = 2)
1566 522 AGT AGG T→G Serine Arginine NS 1.7 % (n = 1)
1599 533 GGT TGT G→T Glycine Cysteine NS 1.7 % (n = 1)
  1. NS non-synonymous mutation, S synonymous mutation