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Table 2 Description of actively collected data for 1 ancillary research projects

From: Personalized prescription feedback to reduce antibiotic overuse in primary care: rationale and design of a nationwide pragmatic randomized trial

Physician related data
 Physician Identifier Anonymized number (as for routinely collected data)
Patient data
 Consecutive patient number 1 to 44
 Age category 0–15, 16–65 or 65+ years
 Gender Male, female
 Consultation period Month of consultation (January or February 2015)
 Consultation First consultation or follow-up consultation
Diagnosis data
 Clinical diagnosis (ICPC-2 codes) - Common cold (R74)
- Tonsillitis/pharyngitis (R76)
- Acute rhinosinusitis (R75)
- Acute otitis media (H71)
- Acute bronchitis (R78)
- Pneumonia, community acquired (R81)
- Urinary infection (U71)
- Exacerbation of COPD (R95)
- Influenza (R80) (each item recorded as yes/no)
 Diagnostic tests used - Chest X-ray
- Streptococcus group A culture or rapid test
- Urine dipstick
- C-reactive protein
- Leukocyte blood count (each item recorded as yes/no)
Prescription data
 Prescription - Penicillins
- Other β-lactams
- Aminoglycosides
- Amoxicillin/Clavulanic acid,
- Macrolides
- Sulfonamides and trimethoprim
- Tetracyclines
- Quinolones
- Amphenicoles
- Other antibiotics
- No antibiotics prescribed (each item recorded as yes/no)