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Table 3 Coding framework after reduction of codes and categories

From: Where there is hope: a qualitative study examining patients’ adherence to multi-drug resistant tuberculosis treatment in Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan

Theme Supporting treatment-taking Undermining treatment-taking
1. Hope and quality knowledge -Acceptance of diagnosis
-Perceived need for Tx
-Belief in Tx efficacy
-Hope for the future (perceived attainability of cure)
-Peer-to-peer information
-Active information seeking
-Support and encouragement (counsellor, peer, family)
-Doubt, disbelief, shock, denial
-Inadequate information and understanding
-Restrictive HP advice
-Distrust of health services
-Myths and misinformation
-Negative peer influence
2. Patient autonomy and control -Ownership and self-responsibility
-Valuing health
-Strength of character, perseverance, motivation
-HP support and encouragement
-Conflicting priorities
-Sacrifices Tx requires
-Authoritative practitioner-patient relationships
-Gender roles
-Stigma, shame, blame, isolation
-Social/financial responsibility
3. Perceptions of self, body, Tx and disease on Tx tolerance -Coping mechanisms
-Visualisation techniques
-Distractions from Tx
-Mind set and positivity
-Drug side effects
-Drug toxicity, poisoning
-Tx fatigue
  1. Tx treatment, HP health practitioner