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Fig. 5

From: Urine metabolomic profiling of children with respiratory tract infections in the emergency department: a pilot study

Fig. 5

The metabolomic model of RSV infection versus age matched children with bacterial infection. Urine metabolite levels were measured in age matched children with bacterial infection and compared to those with RSV bronchiolitis. PLS-DA analysis of these metabolites created a model of separation (R2 = 0.75, Q2 = 0.61). Illustrated are: a the Variables of Importance plot ranking the metabolites according to their significance in the model; b scaled and centered metabolite differences between groups shown as the Coefficients of Variation plot; c the PLS-DA prediction scores for each subject with error bars representing means and 95 % confidence intervals. The PLS-DA algorithm separates groups of data based on a score of 0–1; in this case a value above 0.5 indicates the infant has RSV while below 0.5 indicates bacterial infection

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