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Table 3 Results from the multivariate sensitivity analysis: key factors that increase (Partial Rank Correlation Coefficient [PRCC] > 0) or decrease (PRCC < 0) the predicted total number of resident cases over 100 days. A higher absolute value of PRCC indicates a strong relationship between that parameter and the outcome

From: The role of hand hygiene in controlling norovirus spread in nursing homes

Parameters PRCC
Admission and discharge rate μ 0.085176
Transmission probability p 0.881686
Detection rate of infected staff η −0.444676
Contact rate Staff-Staff CSS 0.143079
Staff-Resident CSR 0.428949
Resident-Resident CRR 0.902967
Relative infectiousness of A and E α 0.697669
Duration of symptoms 1/σ 0.767952
Rate of immunity loss θ 0.050308
Hand hygiene compliance rate during interactions Staff-Staff hSS −0.164771
Staff-Resident hSR −0.539334
Resident-Resident hRR −0.563288