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Table 4 The top 10 highly productive and influential institutions in research on MERS-CoV field

From: Global research trends of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus: a bibliometric analysis

SCRa Institution, country No. of publications (%)
1st The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 68 (7.7)
2nd Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia, KSA 63 (7.1)
3rd Erasmus University Medical Center, Netherland 47 (5.3)
4th Universitat Bonn, Germany 37 (4.2)
5th University College London, UK 36 (4.1)
6th Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA 30 (3.4)
7th The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA 28 (3.2)
8th Fudan University Shanghai Medical College, China 27 (3.1)
8th Alfaisal University, KSA 27 (3.1)
10th New York Blood Center, USA 26 (2.9)
10th Indiana University School of Medicine Indianapolis, USA 26 (2.9)
  1. SCR standard competition ranking, KSA Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  2. a Equal institutions have the same ranking number, and then a gap is left in the ranking numbers