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Fig. 3

From: Anopheles coluzzii larval habitat and insecticide resistance in the island area of Manoka, Cameroon

Fig. 3

Mortality rates of Anopheles coluzzii from Manoka and Youpwe 24 h post-exposure to 4% DDT, 0.75% permethrin or 0.05% deltamethrin. Del: deltamethrin; Perm: permethrin; DDT: Dichlorodiphenyltrichlorethane; PBO: Piperinyl Butoxide; a: Mortality rates recorded in December 2013 to insecticides alone; b: Mortality rates recorded in April 2014 to insecticides alone; c: Mortality rates recorded in April 2014 to insecticides + PBO; Bar absent: insecticide not tested

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