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Table 1 Patient data

From: Clinical and epidemiological analysis of Campylobacter fetus subsp. fetus infections in humans and comparative genetic analysis with strains isolated from cattle

case Bacterial strain number Site of infection, symptom Sample(s) for analysis Comorbidities Immuno-suppression Skin/mucosa lesion Joint prosthesis Ingestion of raw food Animal contact Therapy Outcome
1 H_900686 colitis blood, stool KT, HT, RF yes (pt) yes (enoral) no v dogs Q recovery
2 H_914559 UTI blood KT, HD, Div, RF yes (pt) u hip v, e cats Q recovery
3 H_932845 erysipelas blood HD, HT, DM, Div, W yes (st, cy) no no u u P recovery
4 H_1029625 colitis, VT blood AIDS, HD, COPD yes (AIDS) yes (esophageal) no rm, e no Cla recovery
5 H_1103393 elbow joint prosthesis biopsy gt elbow joint RA yes (chloroquine) yes (elbow, enoral) elbow rm dogs, horses P; Q, R relapse 2 years later
6 H_1277769 colitis blood LT, PV, RF, HT yes (pt) no no v no Q recovery
7 H_1113346 Port-a-Cath blood NHL yes (chemotherapy) yes (skin, erosive gastritis) no v, e dogs Q recovery
8 H_1084325 VT blood HD, anemia no yes (skin) no no no P recovery
9 H_1136201 colitis, psoas abscess abscess, blood HD, COPD, HT, Dem, AlcAb no yes (mucosa) hip rm, e, g no Q recovery
10 H_1223747 hip joint prosthesis biopsy gt hip joint; stool - no yes (esophageal) hip v, rm cats, dogs Q, R; Cla; Q chronic infection
11 H_1289205 VT, erysipelas blood HD, DM no yes (skin) no v c, dogs, poultry P; C recovery
12 H_1437517 VT, abscess foot biopsy gt and abscess, foot, blood HT, portacath no yes (skin) hip, knees v c, cats, p, dogs P; C; Q recovery
13 H_1456372 vascular Y-prosthesis blood HT, HD, RF, DM, Div no yes (mucosa) no v, e, g p C; Do recovery
14 H_1473712 colitis stool HT, HD, Div, DM, COPD no yes (mucosa) no rm no Cla recovery
15 H_1516477 hip joint prosthesis, psoas abscess abscess fluid; biopsy gt hip Div no yes (mucosa) hip v s, cats Q; P recovery
16 H_1539713 erysipelas blood HT, HD, RF, PD no yes (skin) no v no P recovery
17 H_1599086 colitis blood Div, COPD, AlcAb no yes (mucosa) no v bi, tu, fi Q recovery
  1. AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, AlcAb alcohol abuse, COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Dem dementia, Div diverticulosis, DM diabetes mellitus type 2, HD heart disease, HT hypertension, KT kidney transplant, LT liver transplant, PD Parkinson’s Disease, PV polycythemia vera, RA rheumatoid arthritis, RF renal failure, UTI urogenital tract infection, VT venous thrombosis, W Wegener granulomatosis, gt granulomatous tissue, cy cyclophosphamid, pt post-transplant, st steroids, e raw eggs, rm raw meat, u unknown, v vegetables, bi birds, c cattle, fi fish, g goat cheese, gp guinea pigs, p pigs, s sheep, tu turtles, C carbapenem, Cla clarithromycin, Do doxycycline, P amoxicillin/clavulanic acid, Q quinolone, R rifampicin