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Table 5 Virulence factors in relation to ST and phylogenetic group

From: Predictors of blaCTX-M-15 in varieties of Escherichia coli genotypes from humans in community settings in Mwanza, Tanzania

Isolate Sequence type Phylogroup Virulence gene
RA005 ST-648 D iha, sat, Ipfa, nfaE, gad
RA023 ST-4450 A gad, IpfA
RA025 ST-4450 A gad, IpfA
RA034 ST-648 D iha, sat, Ipfa, nfaE
RA043 ST-2852 B1 gad, IpfA
RA045 ST-648 D iha, sat, Ipfa, nfaE
RA051 ST-617 A gad, iss
RA061 ST-38 D gad, iss
RA073 ST-131 B2 iha, sat, Ipfa, nfaE, gad, senB
RA085 ST-2852 B1 gad, IpfA
RA102 ST-38 D gad, iss
RA105 ST-617 A gad, iss
RA116 ST-131 B2 iha, sat, Ipfa, nfaE, gad, senB
RA134 ST-205 B1 gad, IpfA
RA166 ST-131 B2 iha, sat, cnf1, iss, gad, senB
RA173 ST-131 B2 iha, sat, Ipfa, nfaE, gad, ireA
RA175 ST-131 B2 iha, sat, iss, nfaE, gad, ireA
RA176 ST-38 D gad, iss
RA194 ST-617 A gad, iss
RA195 ST-38 D gad, iss
RA217 ST-44 A gad, iss
RA218 ST-44 A gad, iss
RA228 ST-38 D gad, iss
RA246 ST-131 B2 nfaE, Iha, sat, gad, iss
RA256 ST-2852 B1 gad, IpfA
  1. gad, Glutamate decarboxylase; iss, increased serum survival; iha, adherence protein; sat, secreted autotransporter toxin; IpfA, long polar fimbriae; nfaE, diffuse adherence fimbriae; ireA, siderophore receptor; senB, plasmid encoded enterotoxin; cnf1, cytotoxic necrotizing factor