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Table 7 Individual risk of acquiring dengue and the respective 95 % Confidence Interval for both scenarios simulated

From: The risk of dengue for non-immune foreign visitors to the 2016 summer olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Year Individual Risk - symptomatic infection 95 % CI Individual Risk - asymptomatic infection x4 95 % CI
2000 3.21E-06 [1.73E-06, 4.68E-06] 1.29E-05 [9.90E-06, 1.58E-05]
2001 1.05E-05 [7.87E-06, 1.32E-05] 4.18E-05 [3.65E-05, 4.72E-05]
2002 1.40E-09 [0.00E + 00, 3.22E-08] 7.50E-09 [0.00E + 00, 7.95E-08]
2003 1.58E-07 [0.00E + 00, 4.89E-07] 4.04E-06 [2.28E-06, 5.80E-06]
2004 5.42E-07 [0.00E + 00, 1.15E-06] 2.42E-06 [1.06E-06, 3.78E-06]
2005 2.75E-06 [1.37E-06, 4.12E-06] 1.21E-05 [9.08E-06, 1.51E-05]
2006 2.39E-06 [1.12E-06, 3.67E-06] 1.07E-05 [7.90E-06, 1.36E-05]
2007 5.84E-05 [5.21E-05, 6.47E-05] 5.14E-04 [4.94E-04, 5.34E-04]
2008 4.44E-06 [2.75E-06, 6.14E-06] 3.62E-05 [3.14E-05, 4.11E-05]
2009 2.15E-07 [0.00E + 00, 5.89E-07] 6.83E-06 [4.65E-06, 9.02E-06]
2010 2.39E-05 [1.99E-05, 2.78E-05] 1.09E-04 [1.00E-04, 1.17E-04]
2011 4.45E-06 [3.27E-06, 5.64E-06] 1.82E-05 [1.58E-05, 2.06E-05]
2012 3.75E-05 [3.41E-05, 4.10E-05] 1.62E-04 [1.54E-04, 1.69E-04]
2013 4.18E-07 [5.46E-08, 7.82E-07] 1.82E-06 [1.04E-06, 2.60E-06]
2014 9.25E-06 [7.54E-06, 1.10E-05] 4.01E-05 [3.64E-05, 4.38E-05]
2015 3.72E-05 [3.38E-05, 4.07E-05] 1.61E-04 [1.54E-04, 1.69E-04]