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Table 5 Dengue force of infection modeled as a Gaussian function

From: The risk of dengue for non-immune foreign visitors to the 2016 summer olympic games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

\( \lambda (t)={c}_1 exp\left[-\frac{{\left(t-{c}_2\right)}^2}{c_3}\right]F(t), \) (12)
where c 1 is a scale parameter that determines the maximum incidence, c 2 is the time at which the maximum incidence is reached, c 3 represents the width of the time-dependent incidence function and F(t) is an ad hoc function introduced to both improve the model fit to data and to set the initial time of infection c 5. This function has the “logistic” form:
\( F(t)=\frac{1}{1+ \exp \left(-{c}_4\left(t-{c}_5\right)\right)}, \) (13)
where c 4 determines the rate at which the incidence increases.