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Fig. 1

From: Sero-epidemiological assessment of Chlamydia trachomatis infection and sub-fertility in Samoan women

Fig. 1

Analysis of the association of serological responses to Chlamydia with fertility and CT infection status. a. The figure shows Forest plots and Odds Ratio of the association of a positive reaction in the serological assay listed to the right with being infertile. The assay is indicated in the left column. The number of participants that were positive or negative in the serum assay(s) according to their fertile or infertile status are shown on the figure. All 239 participant specimens were tested in each assay. Samples that were unequivocal or not reproducible upon multiple testing were excluded for each assay and these are indicated in the column titled invalid/unequivocal on the table. b. The number of participants positive or negative in each serological assay, grouped according to also being positive or negative for current CT infection by urine NAAT (Chlamydia +/−) are shown on the figure. OR with 95 % CI and P values are indicated at the right of the figures

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