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Table 1 Quantitative PCR (qPCR) tests for C.b. DNA (IS1111a sequence) with patient BI’s paraffin-embedded tissues were tested in two PCR cyclers – RotorGene 1.7.73 (Corbett Research) and Roche LightCycler 4.05 (

From: Coxiella burnetii dormancy in a fatal ten-year multisystem dysfunctional illness: case report

Patient’s post mortem specimens Ct - RotorGene Ct - LightCycler
Heart 23.34 25.65
Lung 36.37 36.46
Bone marrow NEG NEG
Spleen/Liver 25.15 27.08
Lymph nodes 22.47 24.80
Control spleen NEG NEG
Control brain NEG NEG
  1. The RotorGene Ct values shown are average of duplicate tests and LightCycler values from single tests. Non-template controls (NTC) were placed in between the samples and were negative (Ct >37). Thick sections of the post mortem tissues – for PCR tests - were cut with high level of precaution to minimize possible cross contamination at the Centre for Neurological Diseases (SA Pathology, South Australia)