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Table 3 Environmental Control Measures for Tuberculosis Infection in DOTS Healthcare Facilities in Ikeja LGA

From: Tuberculosis infection control measures in health care facilities offering tb services in Ikeja local government area, Lagos, South West, Nigeria

Control Measurea Frequency (n = 20) Percentage (%)
Ventilation System:   
Mixed (both natural and mechanical) 20 100
Cross Ventilation in Waiting Area 15 75
Cross Ventilation in Consulting Room 7 35
Use of designated area for sputum Collection 0 00
Use of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation 0 0
Adequacy of window/Floor Area Ratio in waiting area (≥20 %) 12 60
Adequacy of window/Floor Area Ratio in consulting room (≥20 %) 10 50
  1. aPositive responses only