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Table 1 Managerial and Administrative Control Measures for Tuberculosis Infection in TB Facilities in Ikeja LGA

From: Tuberculosis infection control measures in health care facilities offering tb services in Ikeja local government area, Lagos, South West, Nigeria

Control Measuresa Frequency (n = 20) Percentage
Availability of written TB infection control plan 0 0
Availability of a dedicated Person/Committee for infection control 6 30
Conduct of risk assessment in facility 0 0
Screening of patients screened for cough on arrival at facility 0 0
Provision of face mask for patients coughing 12 60
Availability of non-touch waste disposal 7 35
Provision of health education on cough hygiene 19 95
Display of posters on cough etiquettes in facility 9 45
Segregation of TB cases from others 13 65
Confidential TB screening for staff 3 15
Staff training on TB infection control 2 10
Availability of N-95 respirators in health facilities 4 20
  1. aPositive responses only