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Table 4 Univariable and multivariable Cox regression analysis for developing cystitis within one year after transplantation according to TMP-SMX prophylaxis administration

From: The impact of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole as Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia prophylaxis on the occurrence of asymptomatic bacteriuria and urinary tract infections among renal allograft recipients: a retrospective before-after study

  Outcome cystitis P value
HR (95 % CI)
TMP-SMX: univariable model (a) 3.12 (1.18–8.28) 0.022
TMP-SMX: first multivariable model (b) 2.29 (0.79–6.67) 0.127
TMP-MSX: second multivariable model (c) 2.21 (0.76–6.39) 0.144
  1. a: Univariable model: adjusted for only TMP-SMX use
  2. b: First multivariable analysis: adjusted for diabetes mellitus, subtype of immunosuppressive therapy and indwelling urological catheters
  3. c: Second multivariable analysis: adjusted for diabetes mellitus subtype of immunosuppressive therapy, indwelling urological catheters, BMI of recipient, type of renal allograft (obtained from a deceased versus living donor) and delayed graft function