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Table 2 Clinical characteristics of the patients with Moraxella catarrhalis bacteremia

From: Clinical characteristics of the patients with bacteremia due to Moraxella catarrhalis in children: a case–control study

  Gender age (month) BW (kg) Underlying diseases IS Devices Sick contact Symptoms Pre-existing antibiotics Focus of infection Setting ICU admission Others
1 female 5 8.3 Biliary atresia - YES (ED tube) NO Rhinorrhea Cough None Bronchitis Hospital NO -
2 female 7 3.1 ELBWI, CLD Multiple malformation - NO YES Cough None Pneumonia Hospital YES Pneumothorax
3 female 8 9.0 Bilateral hydronephrosis - NO YES Vomiting, Diarrhea None Unknown Community NO Rotavirus (+)a
4 male 9 7.7 none - YES (ETT, NG tube) NO Cough None Bronchitis Community NO RSV (+)b
5 female 15 10.0 Glycogen storage disease type 1b TAC mPSL YES (ETT, NG, CVC A line) NO - None Pneumonia Hospital YES -
6 female 18 6.7 VACTER association, ELBWI, CLD, cAVB, DORV/PS/MS - YES (ED tube, PM) NO Rhinorrhea Cough None Pneumonia Hospital NO  
7 male 20 8.8 SDH, vascular ring - YES (NG tube) NO Vomiting, Wheeze Convulsion None Bronchitis Hospital NO -
8 female 44 12.9 Congenital intestinal motor dysfuntion - YES (CVC) NO Cough None Pneumonia Hospital NO -
  1. aindicates concomitant infection with rotavirus diagnosed by rapid antigen test
  2. bindicates concomitant infection with respiratory syncytial virus by rapid antigen test
  3. Abbreviations: BW body weight, ELBWI extremely low birth weight infant, CLD chronic lung disease, VACTER Vertebral-Anal-Cardiac-Tracheoesophageal fistula-Renal, cAVB complete atrioventricular block, DORV double outlet right ventricle, PS pulmonary stenosis, MS mitral stenosis, SDH subdural hemorrhage, TAC tacrolimus, mPSL methyl prednisolone, ED elemental diet, ETT endotracheal tube, NG nasogastolic, PM pacemaker, CVC central venous catheter, A line arterial line, ICU intensive care unit, RSV respiratory syncytial virus