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Table 1 Synopsis of CMV recombinant IgG epitope-specific avidity maturation (Mikrogen, Germany), CMV IgG increase, and decrease of IgM indices (ECLIA, Roche) in context of PCR results and viral shedding. In week 5, nested PCR was positive while real time PCR was negative, corresponding to viral copy numbers/ml plasma in the range of 200–600

From: Case report: severe cytomegalovirus primary infection in an immunocompetent adult with disseminated intravascular coagulation treated with valganciclovir

Week CMV IgG (U/ml; ECLIA) Cutoff ≥ 1,0 CMV IgG avidity (AI %, ECLIA) recCMV IgG blot recCMV IgG blot avidity CMV IgM Index (ECLIA) Cutoff ≥ 1,0 recCMV IgM blot EDTA blood PCR Urine PCR (copies/ml) Urine culture (NIEA pos Nuclei/ml)
0 9.46 3.13 (low) IE1+++, p150+++, CM2++, p65+++, gB1/2 nd IE1+, p150+, (low) 9.05 p150++ L+, P+   
1 9.07 3.26 (low) IE1+++, p150+++, CM2+++, p65+++, gB1+/− IE1+, p150+, CM2+/− 6.38 IE1+, p150++, CM2+, p65+ L-, P- negative  
5 99.,79 41.67 (intermediate) IE1+++, p150+++, CM2++, p65+++, gB1+, gB2 nd IE1+, p150+, CM2+/−, (low) 2.16 p150++ L+, P+, <600 copies/ml (P) 2020 10and viral isolate
50 379.9 64.60 (high) IE1+++, p150+++, CM2++, p65+++, gB1++, gB2+ IE1++, p150+++, CM2+, (high) 0.3 No reactivity negative