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Table 3 Treatment failure criteriaa

From: A double blind community-based randomized trial of amoxicillin versus placebo for fast breathing pneumonia in children aged 2-59 months in Karachi, Pakistan (RETAPP)

Criterion Days of assessment
0 1 2 3 5 14 21
Death Treatment failure Relapse Vital status check
Any danger signb
Onset of lower chest in drawing
Hospitalization due to any reason
Change of antibiotic by study physician for new onset comorbidity or serious non-fatal antibiotic associated adverse event
  1. aChest X-ray, blood for culture is processed for all treatment failures and relapses
  2. bUnconscious/lethargy, convulsions, unable to feed, stridor when calm, hypoxia (paO2 < 90 %) in air, vomits everything