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Table 1 Principle inclusion and exclusion criteria for the study groups

From: Prevalence of 7 sexually transmitted organisms by multiplex real-time PCR in Fallopian tube specimens collected from Saudi women with and without ectopic pregnancy

Control group Case group
Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Saudi Non-Saudi Saudi Non-Saudi
Patient age ≥ 18 and ≤ 42 years. Patient age < 18 or > 42 years. Patient age ≥ 18 and < 40 years. Patient age < 18 or > 40 years.
Cyclic women with a history of previous intrauterine pregnancy and no history of hydrosalpinx or ectopic pregnancy Women with abnormal menstrual cycle, history of infertility treatment, history of PID, endometriosis and previous ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy following spontaneous conception Ectopic pregnancy following assisted conception, using IUD, History/symptoms of urogenital infection (e.g. vaginal discharge, dysuria, PID, etc.)
Clinical decision to undertake total abdominal hysterectomy (TAH) for benign disease not affecting the Fallopian tubes and endometrium Vaginal or subtotal hysterectomy Singleton pregnancy Multiple/heterotopic pregnancy
Clinical decision to undertake tubal ligation for sterilisation Use of IUD ≤ 1 year prior to operation Clinical determination that the patient is haemodynamically stable Symptoms and signs of hypovolemia