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Table 2 Estimated percentage of parents refusing a vaccine for each vaccine considered

From: A novel approach to evaluating the UK childhood immunisation schedule: estimating the effective coverage vector across the entire vaccine programme

Vaccines % children whose parents refuse vaccine
Pediacel (primary and booster); Repevax; Infanrix Hexa (primary and booster); Infanrix Penta (primary and booster); Bexsero 0.5 %
Meningitec (primary and booster); Menitorix (primary and booster); M-M-RVAXPRO (courses 1 and 2); HBVaxPro; Rotarix 1.1 %
Prevenar 13 (courses 1 and 2) 1.5 %
  1. Model inputs for the probability of a participant parent taking their child for a scheduled GP visit at each age, with and without having a previous bad experience