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Table 2 Summary of the three clinical cases from newborns diagnosed with congenital toxoplasmosis among the 289 puerperal women enrolled in the present study

From: Evaluation of colostrum as an alternative biological sample for the diagnosis of human congenital toxoplasmosis

Case number Gestation month when mother was diagnosed with toxoplasmosis at prenatal care Toxoplasmosis treatment during pregnancy Cranial ultrasonography of neonate Fundoscopy of neonate Neonate serology for T. gondii Serology when mother was at puerperal stage
IgG IgM Serum sample Colostrum sample
        IgG (EI) IgM (EI) IgA (EI) IgG (EI) IgM (EI) IgA (EI)
1 5th Yes Dilatation of the lateral ventricles Chorioretinitis Pos Pos Pos (3.10) Pos (3.59) Pos (1.46) Pos (7.32) Pos (1.68) Neg (0.58)
2 6th Yes Multiple cerebral calcifications Chorioretinitis Pos Neg Pos (4.76) Pos (3.36) Neg (1.01) Pos (10.45) Pos (3.11) Neg (0.81)
3 Immunea No Normal Chorioretinitis Pos Neg Pos (4.82) Pos (2.29) Pos (2.77) Pos (13.82) Pos (1.24) Pos (1.30)
  1. aDuring prenatal care the mother was diagnosed as immune to toxoplasmosis
  2. Pos Positive, Neg Negative, EI ELISA index