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Table 1 Outcomes: GP episodes (CPRD), hospitalisations (HES), deaths (ONS)

From: Modelling estimates of the burden of Respiratory Syncytial virus infection in adults and the elderly in the United Kingdom

Outcome ICD10 codes GP (CPRD)* Hospitalisation (HES)*** Deaths (ONS)
Respiratory outcomes
Respiratory disease J00-99 X** X X
Cardiorespiratory disease I00-99,J00-99   X X
Acute upper resp disease J00, J02-06 X   
Pneumonia & influenza J09-18 X X X
Bronchitis/Bronchiolitis J20-22, J40 X X X
Chronic resp disease J41-47 X X X
Drug prescriptions
Antibiotics (broad spectrum penicillins, macrolides, tetracyclines)   X - -
Non-Respiratory control outcomes
Accidents V00-99,X00-99,Y00-99   X  
Urinary Tract Infection N39 X X X
Risk group conditions
Chronic resp disease J40-J47 X X X
Cardiovascular disorders I00-I52 (except I01-04, I10, I30, I32-33, I40, I46, I49.1, I49.4) X X X
Kidney disorders N00-N29 (except N00, N10, N17, N20-23) X X X
Diabetes E10-E14 X X X
Immunosuppression B20-24, O98.7, C00-C99, D37-D48, Z21 X X X
Liver disorders K70-K77 X X X
Stroke I60-I69 X X X
Central nervous system disorders Q00-Q07, G10-G39, G45-46, G70-G99 X X X
  1. CPRD does not provide any ranking of diagnostic codes. HES database outcomes listed as the primary discharge diagnosis were studied. ONS database outcomes listed as any mention of the outcome as the cause of death were studied
  2. Risk group defined according to the chronic conditions indicative of risk for severe influenza as per UK recommendation for influenza vaccination
  3. *Any CPRD GP episode, including office visits, home visits, telephone consults and other types, for subjects with subjects registered with research quality data in CPRD. CPRD diagnostic data are coded using READ codes. The list of appropriate Read codes for each definition was generated in consultation with a UK expert (Douglas Fleming) and GSK CPRD expert (David Webb). CPRD diagnostic, antibiotic and risk codes are given in Additional file 1
  4. **Respiratory disease was broadly defined to consider CPRD READ codes corresponding to all ICD-listed codes related to respiratory disease as well as READ codes corresponding to selected symptoms and diagnoses in the CPRD (see description of selection procedure in Methods): these included cough, breathing abnormalities, viral infections, sepsis and septicemia
  5. ***Only unscheduled, “emergency” hospitalisations were included
  6. antibiotics relevant to respiratory disease