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Table 4 Quality assessment of cohort studies

From: Efficacy and safety of abacavir-containing combination antiretroviral therapy as first-line treatment of HIV infected children and adolescents: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Quality evaluation Brennan 2014 [29] Technau 2014 yy
Representativeness of the exposed cohort * *
Selection of the non-exposed cohort * *
Ascertainment of exposure - -
Demonstration that outcome of interest was not present at the start of the study * *
Comparability * *
Assessment of outcomes - *
Was follow up long enough for outcomes to occur * -
Adequacy of follow up of cohorts * -
Total score 6 5
  1. Table 4 shows the quality assessment of each of the included cohort studies using the Newcastle - Ottawa Scale. Each item can receive 1 star (*), except for Comparability that can receive 2 stars. The total number of stars represents the score, which demonstrates the quality of the study